History – Vision

History - Vision

The foundation of Pharmanel in 1991 marks the introduction of, a new Greek Pharmaceutical company with the vision of establishing a prominent presence not only in Greece but also abroad, through partnerships with key R&D companies and ensuring the acceptance and cooperation of the health professionals and the scientific community in general.

In a short period of time, the major characteristics of the company’s development course outline a firm marker:  Pharmanel pioneers in the introduction of new products and modern pharmaceutical forms, cooperates with leading international pharmaceutical companies and implements the strictest standards GLPs and GMPs in the manufacturing processes. Pharmanel’s advanced infrastructure allows it to produce, represent, promote and distribute pharmaceutical products and medical devices of high quality, covering a broad range of therapeutical categories.

In June 2019, PHARMANEL SA was acquired by VIANEX SA Group, the leading Greek pharmaceutical manufacturer with the aim to further strengthen VIANEX's position in the market for generic products, since PHARMANEL has an important portfolio and expertise in this field.

28 years after its establishment, it continues with the same uncompromising passion to be one of the most important allies of the medical and pharmaceutical community in their daily effort to improve patient’s quality of life.