It was Hippocrates who named the disease after the crab (cancer). According to the World Health Organization more than 11 million people are diagnosed with cancer in annual basis.

In Greece in 2005, the breast cancer was the most common cause of cancer death in women, while in men it was lung cancer, tracheal and bronchial cancer.

The causes of carcinogenesis have been the object of extensive research works for a long time and the results are evident since at least 1/3 of the types of cancer can be treated. The prompt diagnosis, which constitutes a strong diagnostic indicator for the further course of the disease, is possible in more than 1/3 of the cases. Most of the types of cancer can be treated and some of them can be completely cured with surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, especially when the therapy begins in time.

The chemotherapeutic medicinal products of all categories are developed rapidly not only as far as it concerns their efficiency but also their safety and tolerance profile, increasing life expectancy and life quality of the patients.

WHO Int. Noncommunicable diseases

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American Society of Clinical Oncology

European Society of Medical Oncology

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