Food Supplements

A dynamic beginning in food supplements!

Pharmanel, having a very strong presence in the medical and pharmaceutical field for the past 23 years, producing and distributing high quality pharmaceutical products, is now dynamically expanding its business.

Adjusting with flexibility to the continuous changing environment and by acknowledging the current needs of the market and of the consumers, Pharmanel created a new commercial department, Pharmanel Consumer Health Care, focusing on the pharmacies market with healthcare products for the wellbeing of the consumer.

At the same time Pharmanel inaugurates the cooperation with Principle Healthcare International, one of the top companies in the production of vitamins and food supplements, based in England, with a commercial presence in more than 20 countries worldwide.

The sales representatives of Pharmanel Consumer Health Care, having high scientific knowledge in health products, support the professional pharmacists by proving knowhow and most updated information, so that they can suggest credible and quality food supplements to their clientele.

Our portfolio, which is continuously being enriched, includes vitamins in effervescent form with pleasant flavors which give energy and wellbeing, while boosting vital functions of the human organism.

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